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Meenal Nigam or "Guruma" as we fondly call her is a divine spirit. Even before you hear her enthralling voice, you will be impressed with her aura which radiates bhakti. My daughter is named Meira after the 16th century princess that devoted her life and poetry to Lord Krishna and Meenal radiates MeeraBai in her spiritual presence. Whether you are seeking a truly blessed teacher or wish to receive an experience beyond the physical or material, you would be privileged to have some time on earth with Meenal. 

Needless to say my daughters adore her and the classes with Meenal have been the highlight of their young lives thus far. Her Nada Yoga and Bhakti volunteer performances at the hospital I run is just one simple example of the many wonderful ways she has and continues to inspire us all and heal the world. 

Antra Bhargava
CEO, SuVitas

I went to my first nada yoga session in June 2018 in yoga clothes and yoga mat in my hand, ready for some exercise with music in the background!! That’s how unaware I was about nada yoga! From being completely captivated by what I heard in my first session to now, after almost 2 years and weekly practice sessions with Meenal ji, I see a huge transformation and awareness within myself. A lot of people that I have spoken to about nada yoga have asked me what this is about and I struggle to give a precise answer! Every session with Meenal ji is different! And every single time we end with ‘wow! This was the most amazing session!! And so different from what we have done before. Imagine if we had missed this’! Meenal ji has taken us from elementary level to advanced with such ease. In every class she helped us touch upon different aspects of nada yoga - beginning with strengthening of the vocal cords to being aware of sushumna nadi to opening up of chakras, chanting beeja mantras, performing havans and their significance, learning about different ragas...there is so much more that we do in these sessions that ultimately help us tap into the universal consciousness. It is magical to have the ability to comprehend this truth and to be able to achieve it. Meenal ji is an elevated soul. Through Nadayoga, she has taken me to a whole different level, from the mundane to the higher. It’s a joy to experience this transformation.

Anu Ganapathy
Bangalore based Urban Gardner

I have been associated with Meenalji since September 2018 . My first experience being the Naad yoga workshop she conducted in kolkata, it was just a whole new world that I visited through her . The real bond started from 2020 with the online course she conducted following up multiple meditations touching different realms of the mind that I did not know even existed. It has made me discover myself in a different light and since then the journey has been only inwards . I now experience peace and am happy with what is. Meenal didi is a store house of knowledge, a very patient and a compassionate teacher and guide . Her commitment towards betterment of souls is a revelation, so simply and effortlessly she has held my hand starting 2020 and now with the online yoga and pranayam classses it is making everyday living worth the while . Forever grateful to have found this association with meenaldidi . It truly is a blessing in my life.

Anupama Jalan
Ceramic Artist, Kolkata

But for your program I would never have taken to yoga as an indispensable wellness regime. My experience is that you are a life coach with whom one evolves like a disciple with every class. Meenal ji I can feel more energy, harmony between body and mind and  have begun to realise the holistic benefits of pranayama. I switch on the program with a great sense of anticipation and excitement and at the end I rise like a person renewed and elevated. 

Forever grateful. 

Charu Kumar
30 years in the Education field, Noida

The nada-svara course with Meenal Nigam appealed to me because it gave me yet another chance to return to my core... reclaim a part of me that I didn’t remember, existed... and re-establish and understand the value of being in tune with / being one with nature, with the universe.
I thoroughly enjoyed every class... was impressed with Meenal’s knowledge of the subject... appreciate the depth of her experience with the practical aspects of the ancient practices... and most important - her enthusiasm to share her knowledge, experience and wisdom gained in her own life’s journey.
A heartfelt thank you 🙏 & wishing you only the best in helping us reclaim ALL THAT WE ARE!
Big hug!

Divya Chinnapa Rao

“A great teacher has his own love of learning”, and  that is what I see in Meenal Ji. I have nothing but pure love, Respect, admiration and cosmic connections with her. I have been her Nada yoga student from 2018 and my journey with this spiritual soul has been an incredible one. The sequential format of the verbal presentation in her classes allow her students to have an insight and refinement of their own resolve  beyond expectations. Being able to integrate the simple practices into everyday life has helped me grow spiritually. Her in-depth knowledge of chakras, Nadis, Mudras, Pranayamas and its impact on being never cease to amaze me. She is one of those rare beings who is able to connect and dispense her knowledge mystically.

🙏🏼 I am Gopika Gowda, I  have been practicing Yoga from 12 years and also have done a certified teachers course in 2014. I have worn multiple hats in the past. from being a PRO in United Nations affiliated PMI office in New York to a full time mom for the longest and an entrepreneur in the recent past . I am a student for life.

Gopika Gowda
New York

I have started my yoga journey with Meenal Nigam in 2016. It has been my good fortune & privilege to have her as my Guru. I feel truly blessed. These wonderful years under her guidance have helped me grow & transform physically, mentally & spiritually. Every yoga session covers pranayamas & asanas but is still different & I feel rejuvenated after every class, leaving with a longing for the next session. 

Meenal Nigam is the most knowledgeable, dedicated, committed teacher & I thank her from the bottom of my heart for being my guiding light & sharing her expertise with such profound commitment.

Heta Bakshish
Design Director for International Retail

Hari Om!

Meenalji through Nadayoga introduced me to myself.  Journey to my inner world began through Meenalji’s profound sessions. Every topic discussed, Sadhana practiced takes oneself to higher levels of bliss. Every session experience is unique, personalized to every individual. The effect of Nadayoga session stays with oneself for a very long period. Meenaliji’s guidance to carry out the practices at home, is with utmost care and in  great detail. Nadayoga opened many doors for me in my spiritual journey, kindled the magnets of curiosity in me and made me a seeker of knowledge.

I feel blessed to receive this wisdom from a very dedicated Guru, Meenalji .

Jayshree Jaishankar
A seeker and student of life, Bangalore

I first got exposed to an active yoga session through Bihar School of Yoga training. I did not have any prior training in yoga and initially I liked their structured session of complete workout.  I think I got passionate and finally got addicted to yoga when I started attending Hatha Yoga classes by our young Guru, Meenal. She is such a knowledgeable and dedicated teacher that one gets inspired and encouraged automatically irrespective of one’s ability. Each one and half hour  yoga session is a perfect balance between Pranayama (breathing exercise) and physical asanas (yogic poses). Meenal will explain tirelessly each asana systematically as well as technically so that anyone can understand the aim of that stretching or that pose. This explanation helps the older students like me to achieve some benefits of asana even with our limited flexibility or ability.

Though quite young Meenal is truly knowledgeable and experienced Guru or teacher. Meenal is attentive to each and every student during the class and gives consultation beyond the class timing and forever patient to answer all our queries. She gives enough cautions regarding any asana or breathing exercise which is so essential for anybody with some ailments.  Each yoga session is equally challenging for young enthusiasts and enjoyable for older students like me.

With her musical background, one can imagine her beautiful voice and we experience that serenity during our Shabasana practice. And of course, our Yoga Nidra session is a sheer bliss with Meenal’s mellifluous live commentary at the background.

Kaveri Das Phd.
Bangalore based Trained Molecular biologist

Learning  Hatha Yoga under the guidance of Meenal Nigam is a dynamic hour  three days a week. Class starts sharp at 8 am and for the next hour she very patiently leads her students through the routine set for the day . Her approach is to let the students feel  at ease with their ability to follow her directions and find the whole session very fulfilling and relaxing. She does not ever doubt any one’s ability to do yoga and always cheerfully makes simple the difficulty challenging the learners. She has profound knowledge of Hatha Yoga as propounded by her alma mater , the Bihar school of Yoga  and is constantly learning more and improving her practice. Her group ,with her as their inspiration, has attained an advanced level that can be considered  truly phenomenal .   Her dedication to aiding them explore the infinite possibilities latent in them has increased their confidence and their enthusiasm to keep persevering in their practice.

Meenal’ s strength as a teacher is her open mind set, her vast understanding of the subject, her strong communication skills and her commitment to making learning yoga a valuable  and profound experience.

Chanting hour with Meenal .

 At Pebble Bay Thursdays became an evening  to remember , for a small group ,young and senior, came together to spend an hour with the Divine.  It  became an hour of transcendence , a meditative and therapeutic session immersed in chanting very well known, short ,simple  bhajans and hymns. Meenal Nigam led us , beginning always with prayer and pranayama. As we chanted Om in one voice filling the hall ,there was an anticipation in all to hear Meenal ’s mellifluous and rapturous voice begin singing first  the Guru Vandana , with us joyfully repeating after her . We then gently progressed to adoration of many of our Divinities.For us, she became our young guru  helping  us  to surrender in mind and body to the Universe ,expressing our gratitude for all the Graces  showered upon us. It became a bonding ,learning and fulfilling time , concluding with delicious prasad .

Lalitha Ishwaran
Former College Lecturer and High School Teacher, Bangalore

My journey with Meenal started with Hatha Yoga - from making me more aware of myself to giving me tips to perform asanas that I had struggled with for a long time, it was a very fulfilling time. As I progressed in yoga, I was introduced to the beautiful world of Nada Yoga. Being the exponent that Meenal is, I could not have asked for a better Nada yoga teacher.

Her mere presence is so pleasant that one gets transported to another world during her sessions. I would encourage everyone to explore the world of Nada in Meenal’s guidance, the sessions are life changing.

Neenu Agarwal
Bangalore, entrepreneur running a natural food products business called Neenu’s Natural


Meenal ji came into my life exactly a year back , a blessing for which my gratitude is never ending. She epitomizes a GURU who helps to discover the same potentialities that she has realized. She has designed all her courses in YOGA and PRANAYAM scientifically. The practice has breathing technique , mantra chanting , meditation , chakra activation and healing. Every session opens a new realm for us. We are reaping the benefits of her years of Tapasya.

Neetu Jiwarajka
Delhi based Entrepreneur who runs NGO's like CEDFC, UTTARAYAN, PHDFWF and SPACE

I started Hatha yoga classes with Meenalji in April 2020. Each session is for an hour and a half , consisting of a short meditation , very effective Pranayamas explained in depth and detail. And the asanas that work on every level of the body impacting each organ. Her meticulous explanation to every asana and yogic postures, inspires us to better ourselves in the asanas. Meenalji s deep sense of knowledge and profound commitment in delivering us a wholesome mind and body union has given tremendous benefits. I have been able to recover from my joint pain in a short period with the yoga and pranayama practices. I am certain that anyone who joins her Hatha yoga classes will take much more than expected . My sincere gratitude to her for all the teachings!

Parul Balikere
Certified Angel card and Tarot card Reader

Yoga with Meenal Ji has opened a whole new world.. it has been the most energising, satisfying and calming yoga practice experience for me...Meenal ji is so passionate about yoga and has spent so much of her precious time with all of us individually and in class clearing any doubts we may have .. I mean in today’s day and age to find a person like her is rare .. it’s not about the money at all ..it’s all about imparting the knowledge and experience and benefiting from all the practices .. stay blessed Meenal ji. I want to continue doing yoga with u till as long as I have breath in my body 🙏🙏

Radhika Relan
Delhi. Ghazal Singer and a bridge enthusiast and a fond and indulgent grandmother ❤️

Started my soul search with NADA YOGA,which came my way during the lock down when the mind was full of confusions and dilemmas. Meenalji was God sent,and Nada was a new subject unexplored...Her knowlege in the subject is impeccable with which she made the learning so interesting...I would look forward.Meenalji is a mentor who has a very  different characteristic,her explanations are very simple yet so logical and lead you to HONE your own skills..She has lead me to know my own unique purpose in life.A perfectionist with par excellence in  Pranayam and Yoga,which I still continue to learn under her guidance has given me a lot of spiritual clarity.She has been so approachable for all my confusions.Thank you is a very small word for a mentor and guide like her.🙏

Rajashree Sarda
Delhi based Spiritual Seeker

There is absolutely no doubt yoga is a passion for Meenal, She takes her practice and her teachings very seriously, and yet there is simplicity and ease in her approach. 

Meenal is an amazing teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge to share. She is passionate about helping others to learn and enjoy yoga. She truly cares and is always observing her students.  Her knowledge about the human anatomy and muscles is amazing! 

She emphasises that each of our bodies are different and therefore poses may look slightly different, but we still get similar benefits. She does not judge only encourages. 

Meenal’s Nada Yoga and Meditation sessions are absolute magic! Brings a profound sense of peace, calm and stillness. Her recordings in her melodious voice and her meticulous collection of notes on the subject is a guide which students can follow even after the culmination of the session.

She has touched my life in so many ways helping me transform physically, mentally and spiritually. 


There is a saying that when the pupil is ready the master will arrive. And that is what happened with me. It is almost an year since I had the fortune of connecting with Meenal didi and the positive changes I see with each session within myself are humbling. I have attended her Nada Yoga , Hatha Yoga and Pranayaam sessions and feel a distinct improvement both physically & emotionally. She is a teacher par excellence and her energy, her enthusiasm to impart knowledge , her dedication to making sure that her students progress is unseen by me anyone else. I cannot thank the universe enough for giving me a guru like her. She lights up everything with her words and encouraging smile. No words are enough to describe her and I wish that she attains the  highest levels in her chosen path.

Rupali Gupta
Design consultant and entrepreneur by profession and Spiritual Seeker from Delhi

I have been attending Meenal’s yoga classes for close to 5 years now. She is an extremely dedicated teacher devoted to the well-being of each one of her students. Meenal’s yoga and her music are truly transformative and have made a very positive difference to my life. Be it the asanas, the chanting or the soulful singing – Meenal is exceptionally talented and sincere. I feel fortunate to have her as my Guru. I wish her the very best in her life.


 am Savita Maheshwari, really got addicted to Meenalji's class feel can't survive without it get so much of mental peace, satisfaction & serenity , Great experience  🤗

Savita Maheshwari
Seeker and Student from Kolkata

My introduction to Meenal was through my sister Sangita.  She came into my life as a guru/ teacher I have never had,her aura to put it simply in one word was " MAGICAL".Thanks to my association to Alka jalan foundation we invited her to kolkata for a Naad yoga session. I have yet to come across a more patient,sincere ,dedicated and knowledgeable teacher.She teaches with utmost honesty and sincerity ,does not believe in any short cuts.  Gives all the learnings in abundance to the student,it depends on each one of us how much we wish to recieve. 

From pranayam to chanting ,to the secrets of Naad yoga... Meenal is ready to share it all.Hari om !!!

Surekha Mimani
Event coordinator at Alka jalan foundatio, Kolkata

It was my cousin who introduced me to Meenal Nigam. I heard Meenal sing Bhajans and it was a treat to the ears. Her singing is so melodious and it takes you to a different world. I also got the opportunity to attend  a Nada Yoga Session conducted by Meenal. In every session, she explained the importance of each kriya.  The sessions were taught with immense dedication and commitment. The Havan was an experience by itself. Generally, we have only seen men doing the havan.  But Meenal explained beautifully how a woman too could conduct a havan. I will say it was a  blissful  feeling.  I will also add that if you get a chance, do experience the Nada Yoga Sessions.  

Warm and compassionate, Meenal is an amazing Guru and a down to earth person.

Uma Nathan
Bangalore based entrepreneur, passionate about music, art and spirituality

It has been a journey of almost 2 years since I first attended a demo class of Nada yoga by Meenal ji. It was magical as i got completely drawn into it by the background music and the energy in the room. When I enrolled for the class I was under the impression that nada yoga would be a music class but it took me to a whole different world. Nada, while dealing with sound, also took us through breath, naadis, chakras, meditation and above all it was about connecting with our higher selves, clearing the blockages and bringing out our immense capabilities. We all eagerly look forward to our weekly session with Meenal ji and come back home feeling light, joyful and ready to take on new challenges!

Uma Raghunath

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced yoga student, you will benefit immensely from Meenal’s guidance. She patiently carries us forward on a journey of continuous learning, day after day. We come away from every session with something – a better performing body, a healthier mind, or a new way of looking within and at the world around us. Meenal never ceases to amaze us with her grace, physical prowess and limitless knowledge of her subject. I cannot imagine life without her. She is a treasured gift.

Vidya Iyengar
Student since 2016

Meenal Nigam @ 2021