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"Her sole objective is to uplift souls, through Nada yoga and her Music."

Meenal Nigam has been teaching yoga since 2004. She is passionately inclined towards bhakti sangeet from a very young age. She observed and learnt from her personal life experience the profound impact of Music on all levels of existence and started researching on Naad Yoga. Applying the science of Naad on her own life for years, she is inspired to share this knowledge with people now.

She has taken Jigyasu Diksha from swami Niranjanananda and has completed her Kriya yoga and Raja Yoga training from Bihar School of Yoga, where she also got her spiritual name ‘Atma Bindu’ from her Guru. Her spiritual goal is to be a student for life, always in Service of her Gurus and Humanity. Hailing from a prominent family of Musicians, she has chosen to take the family Legacy ahead while giving it her own unique shape and form of Bhakti.

Apart from performing Bhakti and Sufi sangeet for special occasions and events, Meenal conducts Naad yoga workshops, retreats and courses. Those who have attended her courses have visibly experienced significant changes in their lives.

Meenal Nigam @ 2021