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Nada Yoga has universal benefits and is beneficial to people from all walks of life. You do not need to give up existing practice or tradition to explore this path.

Speakers, singers, students, entrepreneurs and even homemakers see benefits with concentration, creativity and reduced stress.

What are the

* The increased concentration and creativity will lead to a better performance in every role that life offers you.

* Speakers and singers can benefit from this technique as the vocal cords are specially prepared for clarity and enhanced tonal quality and expression.

* Students have better listening and understanding skills.

* Entrepreneurs have increased sensitivity towards the expectations of the clients due to intuitive strength.

* Helps overcome addictions.

* Reduces stress.

* Above all gives wisdom and capacity to take charge of life and enables to smoothly bridge the gap between the material and spiritual world.

* Working Homemakers become effective time managers and benefit themselves and their families from multiple ways of chanting and affirming.

Meenal Nigam @ 2021